Debris Removal / Storm Damages Service and Removal

Baker’s Tree Service can remove large amounts of debris with ease. Whether you have unsightly wood piles, or a tree has fallen in your backyard we can help.

Tree RemovalWhen a weather situation arises it can cause massive damage. Trees can blow over, fracture, break, fall on roofs, crush cars, destroy storage containers and garages. If this has happened to you please call us we can help. We provide 24-hour emergency and storm damage tree and debris removal services. Feel free to contact us via text, email, or simply give us a call. Baker’s Tree Service is licensed and insured. We also provide a storm risk assessment analysis to prevent the need for emergency services. One of our expert tree professionals will come out and assess any tree for a low cost. It is worth preventing a dangerous and potentially expensive problem from occurring. Living in the south we are prone to storm damage every year. Have your trees expected regularly to prevent property damage. One of our specialist can provide you with any recommendations for tree care and maintaining the safety of your landscape and property.