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    Grinding Stumps Increase Property Value and your landscape’s Curb Appeal.

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    Baker’s Tree Services is here to make sure your tree removal is done safely and accurately.

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    We provide prompt professional 24-hour emergency tree removal services

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At Baker’s Tree Service & Trucking our first priority is safety for the homeowner and for our staff. We are licensed and insured, meaning you’re protected … no matter what.

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Tree removal

Tree removal is the complete removal of the tree canopy, branches, and trunk systems. Typically the stump is cut down as low as possible to ground and left behind. We also offer stump grinding.  The stump can be ground down below the surface level with heavy equipment, such as, a stump grinder. Root systems may have to be dug out with other heavy equipment like a backhoe.
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Tree Pruning / Tree Trimming / Thinning

Pruning a tree may seem like a fairly simple straightforward procedure. In contrast, cuts to the tree must be made with a clear understanding of how the tree will respond. When a tree experiences trauma (Being cut) it releases chemical compounds called hormones that sign the tree to respond in different ways.
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Dump Truck Services: Rock, Dirt, Sand

We deliver and level all kinds of materials including rock, fill dirt, top soil, sand, etc., for applications from highway construction to gardening and landscaping. We can also build or repair rock driveways and roads.
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Stump Grinding and Site Grading

If you are investing your time and money into an expensive new landscape addition to your home, you may want to consider having the area to be landscaped graded first.  Some landscapers do not provide grading or stump grinding.  Grading is the action of contouring the land to fit your needs, and often requires a stump grinder for stump removal.  For example, if you are building a paved patio, you may want to have the area leveled flat before you begin laying down pavers.
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Debris Removal / Storm Damages Service and Removal

Baker’s Tree Service can remove trees and large amounts of debris with ease. Whether you have unsightly wood piles, or a tree has fallen in your backyard we can help.

When a weather situation arises it can cause massive damage. Trees can blow over, fracture, break, fall on roofs, crush cars, destroy storage containers and garages. If this has happened to you please call us we can help.
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Risk assessment

Risk assessment of a tree is when a tree is evaluated by a tree care professional. The tree professional looks at all aspects of the tree, from the base of the tree where the tree joins the root system, to the branches and connecting elements. The experienced tree specialist is looking for any areas of the tree which carry increased risk of failure.
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Emergency Tree Care / Removal

We provide prompt professional 24-hour emergency tree removal services to the Summerville, Goose Creek, Ladson, Hanahan, Moncks Corner and North Charleston areas. It is impossible to predict mother nature, but we are there to help.
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