Tree Removal

Tree RemovalTree removal is the complete removal of the tree canopy, branches, and trunk systems. Typically the stump is cut down as low as possible to ground and left behind. The stump can be ground down below the surface level with heavy equipment, such as, a stump grinder. Root systems may have to be dug out with other heavy equipment like a backhoe. There are many reasons for complete tree removal, but with any large operation risk assessment and safety protocol should always be followed. Here are some common indications for tree removal:

  • Tree is structurally unstable
  • Dead or dying tree
  • Diseased infested
  • Insect infestation
  • Causes illness – Allergies
  • Weather damaged – Storm, lightning, etc.
  • Major branches broken or damaged
  • Already fallen over onto property
  • Trunk rot
  • Root system compromised – girdling roots, etc.
  • Aesthetics
  • Root system growing under foundation
  • Overall hazard and or nuisance

Dead and Dangerous Tree Removal

The longer a tree is dead the more dangerous it becomes. A dead tree is exceedingly more brittle and prone to break, fracture, fall, or damage property. Some homeowner’s insurance policies are not able to be renewed with potentially dangerous trees located on the property. It is very important to have an experienced tree service company remove the tree, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE A DANGEROUS TREE. There are also increased risks for the tree worker(s) removing the tree. Usually a tree climber with many years experience will climb the tree and harness himself to the tree with special ropes and gear. Dead trees are generally taken down piece by piece with great care with regards to the workers and any property. No matter who you have remove a dead tree or any other tree on your property ask for proof of insurance. Without insurance if something goes wrong your homeowners insurance may not cover the damage, and if it does your insurance cost may increase if a claim is filed. The owner and operator Tracy Baker is on every job that Baker’s Tree Service attends to. We are a local tree service company and we stand by our work.