Severe Weather Preparedness: The Importance of Tree Risk Assessment

Jun 18 2013

Hurricane season just kicked off and the Lowcountry has already been confronted with tropical storm Andrea. If Andrea has shown us anything, it’s that even low category storms can leave our yards littered with debris. Because of this, it is important to have a professional risk assessment of your yard, like the one that Baker’s Tree Service provides, in order to diagnose potential landscape issues before a potentially more devastating storm can cause damage.

Tree Risk Assessment

Most people assume that all trees are a threat to their property during a storm and may begin hacking away their yard. This is not always true. Not only are trees aesthetically pleasing and environmentally beneficial, a lot of trees are actually structurally sound enough to withstand high speed wind and may even create a barrier from soil erosion. In fact, many trees can interlock their root systems with other trees in order to anchor themselves to the ground. So, before you begin cutting away at perfectly good trees, contact us for a professional risk assessment of your yard.

During our risk assessment we can determine the overall health of a tree and its structural soundness, including an inspection of the base, root system, branches, and other connecting elements to determine if a tree is unstable, diseased, infested, or damaged, amongst other things. Once a tree is evaluated, we can determine the next best action, which may include removal, pruning, thinning, or nothing at all. Most importantly, don’t begin making decisions that could be costly without the expertise of a professional.

So, if you’re trying to decide whether a tree should stay or go this hurricane season, give Baker’s Tree Service a call!

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